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Even with a mindful and healthy lifestyle, it is hardly possible to supply our body with all the essential nutrients and minerals in the quantities it needs. In the case of astaxanthin, spermidine and magnesium, a deficiency can not only lead to faster cell aging, but can also have short-term disadvantages. That's why it's all the more important to take a comprehensive look at your own lifestyle and at the same time use high-quality nutritional supplements. You can buy astaxanthin from us and find out more about the ingredients and possible benefits!

AstaxanmaX: your nutritional supplement shop

We at AstaxanmaX live for natural vitality and holistic well-being . With our high-quality products we want to give you the same care for your body. With a lot of passion and intensive research, we were able to develop our astaxanthin dietary supplement.

Our values ​​include more than just the desire for a healthier lifestyle. At the same time, we rely on enormous transparency, sustainability, quality and purity . That's why we manufacture the astaxanthin capsules in a secure production facility in Germany.

Astaxanthin capsules: natural support for your health

AstaxanmaX supports your health in a completely natural way. A bottle with 30 capsules offers you the optimal supply for a whole month . You can buy astaxanthin from us and start a life with more well-being in just a few days.

One capsule AstaxanmaX consists of

  • 6 mg astaxanthin
  • 3 mg spermidine
  • 230 mg magnesium

The ingredients offer you numerous health benefits:

  • Astaxanthin

    has particularly strong cell-protecting and antioxidant properties . The natural plant dye has a positive effect on the immune system, the cardiovascular system, the nerve cells and physical performance. The red dye also has a supportive effect on the skin. In addition, various scientific studies indicate that astaxanthin has a significantly stronger antioxidant effect than other carotenoids and vitamin E.

  • spermidine

    belongs to the polyamines and is a natural substance that was first detected in the 1970s. And – as the name suggests – in the male semen. But we now also know that the useful vital substance is found in all body cells, both in living beings and in plants, such as legumes. However, this is only enough in the rarest of cases: spermidine is responsible for cell growth and the self-cleaning process of our cells . But the older we get, the less spermidine remains in our cells. As a result, their activity decreases and age-related diseases take hold. If you buy from AstaxanmaX with spermidine, magnesium and astaxanthin, you have the chance to counteract these processes.

  • magnesium

    is a mineral that plays an essential role in bone and energy metabolism . It regulates numerous cellular functions and biochemical reactions. Magnesium also regulates stimulus transmission, muscle contractions and even heart rhythm. This makes the mineral essential for life. Although it occurs in our cells, it is not present in sufficient quantities. That's why it's essential to supplement magnesium regularly. The easiest way to do this is to use the nutritional supplements from our shop.

The effect of astaxanthin capsules

When you buy asthaxanthin from AstaxanmaX , it can help you reduce inflammation, support your muscle function and boost your immune system. In addition, the ingredients asthaxanthin, spermidine and magnesium are known to reduce stress and sustainably improve sleep quality .

This is how you use the Astaxanthin capsules

We recommend that you take one capsule per day. Ideally, you should consume them during a meal with enough liquid . If you are unsure whether there could be an interaction between AstaxanmaX and one of your prescribed medications, please speak to a trusted doctor in advance.

Buy high-quality supplements: the AstaxanmaX nutritional supplement shop

Are you looking for a complete source, for example to keep your magnesium levels at a healthy level? Then it's worth finding out about other essential nutrients and minerals. At AstaxanmaX you can buy magnesium in combination with valuable spermidine and astaxanthin . Not only do you do something for your bone health and your energy metabolism, but you also help to strengthen your cells and get good antioxidants.

Legal notice

Please note that despite the high quality, our nutritional supplements can never be a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle . Before you decide on the supplements, we recommend that you consult a qualified doctor or nutritionist. This is the only way you can rule out interactions with other medications or possible contraindications.